PDK: Konjufca arbitrarily interrupted the session when it came to the Trust

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The head of the PDK Parliamentary Group, Abelard Tahiri, has called arbitrary the decision of the Speaker of the Assembly, Glauk Konjfuca, to interrupt the Assembly session a few minutes earlier.

Tahiri in a press conference, said that about 80 deputies were in the hall and there was no reason to interrupt the session.

"Unprecedentedly, the session of the Assembly was arbitrarily interrupted just when we were at the point for the Trust. Whether the session will be interrupted or continued is decided by a procedural motion and not the President of the Assembly. You saw that we were present about 80 deputies and there was no reason not to continue ", said Tahiri.

He also said that VV has a great commitment to prevent the Law enabling the withdrawal from the Trust.

Whereas, the deputy Bekim Haxhiu as the initiator of this legal initiative, said that in the beginning there was an optimism for voting, but some deputies have pressure from the Government./21Media