MCC representatives on the last day in Kosovo

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Today is the last day that the vice-president of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, Alicia Mandeville, will stay in Kosovo. On Sunday and Monday there were several activities and for today it is planned to have two.

Initially will participate in a conference with donors on energy efficiency subsidies in Kosovo.

This donor conference will bring together representatives from Kosovo institutions, international and local organizations, to discuss the achievements of the SEEK program to date, as well as to discuss other investment opportunities to increase energy efficiency and reduce consumption. of electricity in the residential sector in Kosovo.

This conference is scheduled to be held starting at 09:30 at the Swiss Diamons Hotel in Prishtina.

The visit concludes in Mitrovica where the MCC delegation from Washington will visit one of the buildings where the renovation works with energy efficiency measures will begin, as part of the FMC and MCC project, SEEK / AER .

On this occasion, Alicia Phillips Mandaville, Vice President of MCC, and Bedri Hamza, Mayor of Mitrovica, will also give keynote speeches. This is scheduled to take place starting at 15:30.