Kusari-Lila denies having intervened in Konjufca to interrupt the hearing

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The acting head of the Parliamentary Group of the Vetëvendosje Movement, Mimoza Kusari-Lila has denied that has intervened with the Speaker Glauk Konjufca to interrupt the plenary session.

In a press conference, she stressed that today's session was not interrupted due to the blocking of the majority.

"Today what happened in the session was the loss of the quorum as a result of not participating in the opposition vote. And this situation has been repeated for a long time in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo. However, it was not the majority that blocked it, it was the opposition itself that refused to be active in the points that were on the agenda to be addressed today, according to the agreement in the meeting of the Presidency of the Assembly ", declared Kusari-Lila.

She reiterated her stance against the withdrawal of citizens' funds from the Trust.

"Our vote is against the opposition's proposal to withdraw 30 percent of the funds in the Pension Savings Fund… I do not know where the opposition or PDK are getting this information, or what argument they have for this type of information. The Speaker of the Assembly, Glauk Konjufca is fully competent, professional and of course has shown so far that he has been very correct in leading the session and such an accusation, absolutely unfounded shows the desperation of the opposition to act differently or according to democratic methods within session ", she said.

In front of the media, Kusari-Lila said that the Assembly should return to normalcy and the opposition should be serious with their participation in the highest legislative body.

"What the opposition has proposed, unfortunately, has been supported by others. I understand the tendency and the feeling that everyone who has funds in the trust has projected where they will spend them, but that this is a very short-term forecast with long-term consequences, either in the destruction of the pension savings system, or in the immediate consequences. which causes them in the market in Kosovo. Today the session was interrupted due to lack of quorum. "The opposition must be serious in relation to their participation, it can not just select the points they want to push or make nature blockades, as we saw last week," she added.

Kusari-Lila stressed that the Parliamentary Group of Vetëvendosje Movement is in favor of political dialogue.

"We are for political dialogue, and of course parliamentary cooperation, but we are also for correctness in this cooperation and not accusations and lynchings of various natures, as the opposition is trying to do now against the position," she said.