Plays one of the main roles in "Syria", Kosumovic: I hope to open opportunities for international cooperation

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In one of the main roles in the movie "Sirin" plays the Kosovar actress, Majlinda Kosumovic, who plays alongside well-known European actresses such as: Danica Curicic, then the Bosnian movie star, "Qui Vadia Aida", Jasna Djuricic, etc.

Majlinda Kosumovi për for has shown what is the theme of the film "Sirin", directed by Montenegrin director Senad Shahmanovic.

"The story of this film reveals the journey of Natalie, who fled the former Yugoslavia shortly after the start of the wars of the 90s. Like many others, Natalie emigrated to the United States in search of a better life. and to secure a more promising future. "After many years, she changes her identity, trying to forget the past, but suddenly with a job assignment, she is obliged to return to her homeland," the actress emphasized.

She has revealed what her role was in the film.

"I play Valerie, an American who works in her father's company. "Valerie, together with Natalie, are leaving for Montenegro to settle an issue related to a sabotaged contract," Kosumovic said.

Asked what it was like to play alongside well-known European actresses, Kosumovic said it is always a good and productive experience.

"Not only in this project, but also in Kosovo when I play alongside actors from whom I learn and grow professionally," she said.

The artist has emphasized that there are differences in each project due to many factors regardless of where they are produced. According to her, there are differences in the way they work, "certainly because of the budget they have".

Majlinda Kosumovic hopes that "Sirin" will open new opportunities for cooperation in the international arena.

She during the interview for has pointed out that he is currently in the process of working on some feature films.

"One of them will be realized during September of this year," the actress added.

Recall that, about three months ago, the shooting of the movie "Sirin" ended. In other roles in this film play: Fatmir Spahiu, Simon Shkreli, Bashkim Alaj etc.

The premiere of the film is expected to be given at the end of the year.

Otherwise, the film "Sirin" is a co-production of Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Croatia.21Media