Achievement Test, Pupovci: The student who leaves the class does not return

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On 04 and 14 June 2022, students who have completed the 9th grade will undergo the Achievement Test, a test that is held on the first day in Albanian, English, history and geography, and on the day the second is taught in mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry and biology.

The Deputy Minister of Education, Dukagjin Pupovci, said in Argument Plus of RTV21, that this year there are new rules in the process of testing students.

He singled out the rule that, he said, applies to Achievement and the Matura test as well, that the student who leaves the test does not return to class.

"I mean, so far the student has been allowed to go out and come back again. This year it is no longer valid. "Often the questions are distributed due to leaving the classroom", he said.

Pupovci announced that the Achievement Test will be organized in such a way that there are as few students as possible within a testing center and within the testing classes at the same time.

"The test will be an hour and a half," Pupovci told RTV21.

The Achievement Test is an assessment of the achievements, knowledge, skills and abilities of students, which students have acquired during their education at the end of level II (grades 6-9) of pre-university education in accordance with the state curriculum of Kosovo./21Media