Pupovci: If the teacher put the Albanian students aside, this would not be news

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Any teacher who has children from the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in the classroom, or children with special needs and others who may feel discriminated against, should take steps to ensure that children do not feel discriminated against.

This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Education, Dukagjin Pupovci on Argument Plus of RTV21, when asked about the occasion of the primer festival in Peja, where it was reported that some students from the communities were left out during the holiday.

"So they sit in the center with the others. "If someone has to be singled out, the children of the majority are singled out", said Pupovci.

"If this teacher had come with Albanian children, and had seated them there, this would not have been any news," he added.

Pupovci stressed that a lesson has been learned from this case.

The Deputy Minister said that according to the information they have, the intention of the teacher in Peja was not to discriminate against these children, nor did anyone tell them to put them up there.

"What the teacher, and every teacher in the future in Kosovo should know is that when there are children of marginalized groups there should be careful of their isolation because they can be misunderstood," said Pupovci.21Media