Rashiti: In Switzerland we do not live from politics, we only have it as a plus commitment

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The Swiss-Albanian MP in the Canton of Bern, Korab Rashiti today in the morning program on RTV21, told about his journey in politics.

Rashiti said that such a thing has not been so easy for him, but stressed that it is good that he has become an MP because he will be able to represent the interests of the Albanian community.

He also distinguished between politics in Kosovo and that in Switzerland. He said that there are bigger ambitions and that the interests of the state are put in the first place, and it is not only the goal of the government.

Rashiti also pointed out another phenomenon in Switzerland that suggested for Kosovo to have more orientation towards professions and not only the academic level.

He finally showed that in Switzerland politics is a plus profession and not a profession lived by politics./ 21Media