OVL-KLA reiterates: The trial in The Hague is unfair

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The Organization of War Veterans of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), today reiterated once again that the trial in The Hague against members of the KLA and former leaders of this organization is unfair.

OVL-KLA has announced through a press release for the meeting of the presidency, in which, according to the press release, it was discussed about the requests they made to the Government of Kosovo, but which according to them were ignored.

Regarding these requests, OVL-KLA has stated that it will request an urgent meeting with the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, and if their requests are not reviewed, then, other measures will be reviewed through which they will react.

"The OVL KLA Presidency considers that the trial in The Hague against members of the KLA and OVL KLA is unfair and stands behind the positions given years ago regarding international pseudo-justice; The OVL of the KLA, regarding the issue of veterans, invalids and families of war martyrs, discuss the ignorance that the Government of Kosovo is doing to the requests of the organizations that emerged from the KLA war, whether to increase the pensions of these categories, whether for office activities, or for rehabilitation in bathrooms, or due to technical problems that these categories have and can not be provided with certificates from the office for the categories that emerged from the war, etc., ignorance that is not even being discussed, for due to the unwillingness of Prime Minister Kurti to meet. In this regard, it was decided to request an urgent meeting with Prime Minister Kurti, and if it is not realized, other reaction measures will be considered ", it was announced in the OVL-KLA communiqué.

Meanwhile, the meeting also discussed the activities that will be held for the holiday of November 28.