Scholz calls for a change in EU voting rules

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated tonight that he will make every effort to grant Ukraine and Moldova candidate status, that the EU should be open to other countries, but also advocate for reforms when it comes to the rules of voting.

Scholz has asked the EU to pass foreign policy decisions by a qualified majority (meaning the abolition of the veto power of individual countries), but is unlikely to get the support of France and some other countries. portals Politico.

Speaking to members of the Bundestag ahead of the European Council summit scheduled for Thursday and Friday in Brussels, Scholz said he would strongly support Ukraine and Moldova being granted EU candidate status, and noted that such a commitment carries some obligations.

"I will make every effort in the European Council to ensure that the entire EU unanimously accepts the candidacies of Ukraine and Moldova for membership." said the German chancellor, adding that "The EU must also be able to accept new members."

Scholz reiterated his commitment to EU reforms, above all to change the voting rules in order to prevent individual countries from blocking majority decisions, especially emphasizing foreign policy as an area in which such a change is necessary.

Several EU countries, including France, have already opposed the abolition of the veto in key areas such as foreign policy.