Sela counts three reasons why the new Government has no legitimacy

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The leader of the Alliance for Albanians and member of the Assembly of Northern Macedonia, Ziadin Sela delivered his speech during the plenary session for the election of the new Government.

He cast doubt on the legitimacy of the new Government, because as he said, the trust of the citizens has not been taken for the same.

Criticism was leveled at the Democratic Union for Integration, as, as he said, they came to the people and received votes from the Albanian Prime Minister.

"They came to the people and asked for a vote with only one request and that is - the first Albanian prime minister. This was a mandate that failed to materialize. "Either it is done at the moment when the session for the formation of the Government is held, or it is not done at all, while we continue to follow the debate that not in the last 100 days, not in the last day will be or will not be the first Albanian Prime Minister", said Sela, broadcast by TV21.

According to him, this has caused the government to lose legitimacy for the second time, as the first time the Zaev 2 Government was voted with the promise of an Albanian prime minister.

He sees the Alternative as the third reason.

"The third actor is Alternativa, until yesterday the coalition partner of the Alliance for Albanians, where he came out with us and took the mandate to bring change and end the 20-year political monism that included Albanian society here in Northern Macedonia. "Thus, it has no legitimacy at all to stand on its own two feet and keep the DUI in power anyway, as far as its legitimacy is concerned," Sela added./TV21