Shots fired at the businessman, Police provide details

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A few minutes ago, several gunshots were reported against the managing director of "Agro Holding Kosova", Bekim Krasniqi in Suhareka.

The news for the portal was confirmed by the police spokesman for the Prizren region, Vesel Gashi.

Gashi said that the unit went to the scene, but did not find any vehicle or anything, not even suspects.

"At around 21:19 Bekim Krasniqi, director of Agrokosova Holdin in Suhareka, informed that there were gunshots. The police response has been immediate. The patrols have contacted the complainant Bekim Krasniqi who states that he heard shots but is not sure where he was shot from and what he was shot with. Patrols have patrolled that location but so far have not encountered anything suspicious. "Patrols together with other units are still in that location", declared Gashi./21Media