Spasovski: The process of identifying victims can be completed after 7 days

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The Minister of Internal Affairs of Northern Macedonia, Oliver Spasovski, in an interview for Croatian, RTL and Montenegrin television, RTCG, stressed that the identification of the victims of the tragic accident in Bulgaria is expected to be completed in 7 days, TV21 reports.

Spasovski stated that local authorities are participating in the process by providing biological material from the victims' relatives.

"The identification of the dead has begun and the joint teams of forensic institutes from the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the Republic of Bulgaria are working, where the Macedonian side participates in the provision of DNA material from the relatives of the dead. "According to the announcements of the Bulgarian authorities, the whole process can be completed in 7 days, after which the remains of the victims will be transferred", Spasovski stated, among other things.

In the interview, Spasovski also spoke about the tourist company, whose bus had an accident.

"The official information is that today the Minister of Transport and Communications, Blagoj Boçvarski, signed the revocation of the work license of the carrier Besa-Trans", said Spasovski, among others.

A bus of the company "Besa trans" from Skopje, with mostly Albanian passengers, rolled yesterday and caught fire in Bulgaria, while returning to the country tourists who were for a weekend in Istanbul, Turkey. In the accident 46 people lost their lives and 7 others were injured. Among the victims are 12 children.