"Stefania" comes with a view of the war in Ukraine

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The music group, Kalush Orchestra has released the music video for the song "Stefania" which contains images of their war-torn country.

"This is how we see Ukrainian mothers today. "We have tried to give the message of what Ukraine looks like today," said Kalush frontman Oleh Psiuk.

Kalush released the music video a day after the big victory at Eurovision.

"Once I dedicated this song to my mother and when the war broke out, the song took on many new meanings. Although the song does not say a word about the war, many people began to associate the song with mother Ukraine. Moreover, society started calling it the anthem of our war! "But if Stefania is now the anthem of our war, I would like it to become the anthem of our victory," reads the description of the video posted on YouTube.21Media