Tahiri: Our position on the referendum was principled

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After the meeting of the Presidency of the Assembly of Kosovo, the head of the parliamentary group of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Besnik Tahiri said that the action of the deputies in Saturday's session was an obligation for everyone.

"The position of AAK in Saturday's session on the referendum issue has been principled, we have given support to the government in relation to this topic. I went to the Speaker of the Assembly and told him that if this session turns into a session where the deputies show who is more patriotic than the other, then we will tell the government about the mistakes it has made all the time ", said Tahiri.

Tahiri added that on Thursday there will be a regular plenary session where, among other things, a debate will be held called by the AAK for the increase of prices in Kosovo.

Tahiri said last year was a poor year for the Assembly in relation to the adoption of laws.