The 59-year-old man who tried to kill a foreign national was arrested

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State police announced today that a citizen with the initials US, who had attempted to kill a foreign national, in July 2021, was arrested.

According to police, the US had been declared wanted.

“Following the work to apprehend the wanted citizens and bring them to justice, the services of the Fier Police Commissariat, in cooperation with the Operational Section in DVP Fier, based on the information received through the police, organized and finalized "The police operation codenamed" Kurjan ", as a result of which the wanted citizen of US, 59 years old, resident in Fier, was arrested and detained," the police informed.

The detention of the citizen was made after the Court of First Instance Fier, with the decision of 29.07.2021 was assigned the security measure "Prison arrest" for the criminal offenses "Intentional homicide" remaining attempted and "Illegal possession of weapons and ammunition ”.

"On 23.07.2021, in the village of Ngjeqar, Roskovec, after a conflict for weak motives, the US citizen shot with a firearm the citizen EH, 40 years old, who was injured," the police further announced.

The materials will be forwarded to the Prosecutor's Office at the Fier Court of First Instance, for further procedural actions./21Media