The 61-year-old grandmother and her 24-year-old husband are planning to have children

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A 61-year-old grandmother and her husband of 24 years have announced that they are planning to have their first child together through a surrogate - despite their age difference.

Kuran McCain and his wife, mother of seven, Cheryl McGregor, from Georgia, first met in 2012 as they both worked at the Dairy Queen fast food chain when he was just 15 years old.

But romantic feelings blossomed much later. They lost contact, but reconnected in 2020 when the Quran custodian saw Cheryl working as a cashier in a convenience store.

They got married last year and are now ready to expand the family.

Cheryl already has seven children and 17 grandchildren, but the couple said they "feel they deserve their children."

The pair tried but because of Cheryl's age, they decided to turn to replacement or adoption./ 21Media