The Kosovar set himself on fire to save a Serb

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"I was dead and I was brought back to life," Ivana summed up the story of Sunday, April 24, in Switzerland, when a woman's house caught fire for a still unclear reason. He was rescued by a Kosovar boy.

Ivana spent four days in the hospital before returning home. A happy ending enabled by the courage of Mexhid, who passed by accident, reports.

"Someone was shouting on a balcony. Smoke was coming from the bottom windows. I went in, but there was so much smoke that I could not find anyone. I went outside to breathe and came in again. There I could pull Ivana to the window, but I could not get her out. A neighbor gave me a damp cloth, I went in again because I thought it was a baby inside. It was not. Then, the firefighters arrived ", the Kosovar told the Swiss media

This medium has described this event as an even more beautiful story as Ivana is of Serbian origin and Mexhidi is Kosovar, peoples who have been at war.

"The two protagonists are far from this enmity."

"He was thrown into the fire when others would think of themselves," praises Ivana, who smiles on the occasion of a Kosovar rescuing a Serb on Orthodox Easter evening and in the middle of Ramadan.

The 26-year-old, who was also hospitalized, certainly had no knowledge of Ivana's origin. "If I had known, nothing would have changed, I did not think. "There was a life to be saved, Serb or Albanian, it does not matter," he said.21Media