The Assembly has no quorum to vote on the withdrawal of money from the Trust

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The Assembly of Kosovo has again failed to put to the vote the first reading of the draft law through which it is intended to allow the withdrawal of 30 percent of funds from the Pension Fund known as the Trust.

The vote on this draft law was put on the agenda in the June 22 session, but due to the lack of a quorum in the Assembly, the plenary session was postponed to the next day.

The creation of legal opportunities for the citizens of Kosovo to withdraw their savings from the Pension Savings Fund has caused debate in Kosovo, with arguments for and against.

The proposal in this regard was made on March 9 by the largest opposition entity, the Democratic Party of Kosovo, through a draft law submitted to the Assembly of Kosovo.

She was also supported by another opposition entity, the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo.

On the other hand, the Government of Kosovo has spoken out against a withdrawal of funds from the Pension Savings Trust.