Attack on his wife, Pupovci: We have left it to justice

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The Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Dukagjin Pupovci, said that they were affected by the attack on his wife, Professor Hatixhe Latifi - Pupovci, at work.

In RTV21's Argument Plus, Pupovci said that they left this issue to justice.

"My wife has 35 years of work experience in higher education, and we were really touched by what happened. "However, we both consider that this is now a matter for the judiciary, which must weigh it in the best possible way," he said.

Pupovci said that in general the mentality should be removed that pressure should be put on teachers for grades.

The Deputy Minister of Education did not want to comment on whether the one-month detention measure against the parent who attacked his wife at work is adequate.

"I did not want to comment on the measures of the Courts," Pupovci told Argument Plus.

Otherwise, Hatixhe Latifi - Pupovci is a professor at the Faculty of Medicine./21Media