The brother beheaded his pregnant sister with a sickle

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A 19-year-old pregnant woman was beheaded by her mother and brother in India.

Both were angry that she ran away with her college friend and then married him against the will of her family, a police spokesman told Indian Express.

Organized marriages are the rule in India, a marriage is considered to be the union of two families and not just a couple.

As is customary in India for married women, the victim lived with her husband and father-in-law - on a farm in a rural area in the state of Maharashtra, about four kilometers from their native village.

Her 38-year-old mother met him there last Sunday, according to police, for the second time since her summer wedding and her 18-year-old brother for the first time.

According to police, the young woman was making tea when her brother attacked her from behind with a sickle and the mother held her daughter's legs. The brother cut off his head and pulled it out.

The victim's husband was also at home and rushed to the kitchen when he heard the dishes falling, then the brother tried to kill him too, but he managed to escape.