The Commission on Measures against COVID-19 discusses the epidemiological situation in the country

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The Advisory Committee on Anti-COVID-19 measures held a meeting today on the epidemiological situation in the country and the review of anti-COVID measures in force.

As it was announced in the communiqué, in this meeting the need for full observance of the measures taken before through the supervision of their implementation by all responsible institutions was emphasized, while the population was called to be fully vaccinated, including receiving of booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

The Commission stressed that the main indicators that reflect the epidemiological situation in the country are being analyzed, while any action or measure that will be proposed will be aimed at preventing further spread of the virus and preventing severe forms of the disease that increase the burden. hospital and deaths, from the omicron variant or other circulating variants of SARS COV-2.

MoH has emphasized that the antiCOVID-19 mechanisms will take into account the health indicators to propose the most adequate measures related to COVID-19 in Kosovo.

"Until the change of the measures in force, the Ministry of Health calls on the citizens to increase their care and to be vaccinated without wasting time", it was announced in the communiqué.21Media