The declassification of the Balkans by Llapi "disrupts" the tabular ranking

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With the derby between Llap and the Balkans held on Sunday, the 14th round of the Kosovo Super League in football has been completed.

Coach Tahir Batatina's team made a big upset of the result as it was at a 1-0 disadvantage and then came back strong by scoring four goals and thus gaining three very important points.

Exactly Llap's victory over the Balkans has greatly influenced the change of the table ranking of the Kosovo Super League, especially in its upper part.

Now, Gjilan is the leader of the table with 25 points, as much as their local rival Drita is in second place. In the third position is the Balkans with 24 points, followed by Llapi with three points less in fourth place.

This is the complete tabular ranking of the Kosovo Super League:

Gjilan 25

Light 25

Balkans 24

Llapi 21

Drenica 20

Prishtina 18

Ulpiana 16

Malisheva 15

Dukagjini 15

Feronikeli 10.