The final draft for the establishment of the Sovereign Fund is submitted

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The chairman of the working group for the establishment of the Sovereign Fund, Besnik Pula, has announced that he has submitted the final draft of the Concept Paper for the establishment of the Sovereign Fund of Kosovo.

He announced in a Facebook post that this document is the conceptual and strategic basis for the establishment of the Sovereign Fund, including the concept and steps for establishing the legal and institutional basis of the Fund.

"It is the product of a wide and systematic work of the Working Group composed of Arta Hoxha, Edison Jakurti, Emanuel Bajra and Tea Blakaj Hoxha and coordinated by me. On this occasion I would like to thank all the members of the Working Group, who without sparing gave a special professional contribution in the construction and elaboration of the concept and in the drafting of the document in question. The document is in the full sense of the word the result of a joint work. It should be noted that this is only the first step on the road to the establishment of the Sovereign Fund. The government expects a lot of big jobs. I believe on behalf of all members of the Working Group that we remain ready and committed to support this process to the end ", wrote Pula.

Meanwhile, the Concept Paper in question is not in the authority of the Working Group. It will be made public after review and approval by the Executive Committee of the Government of Kosovo./21Media