The annual financial report of the Government for the 2020 budget is not approved

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The Committee on Budget, Labor and Transfers has not approved today the annual financial report of the Government for the budget of Kosovo for 2020.

The deputies of Vetëvendosje Movement voted against, while only the deputies of the opposition parties were in favor.

Minister of Finance Hekuran Murati said that the receipts including trust funds, transferred revenues and donors were in the amount of 2 billion and 207 million euros. He stated that the budget deficit was in line with the fiscal rule amended by a decision of the Assembly.

Minister Murati said that after receiving the audit report from the National Audit Office, they have prepared a plan for the implementation of 38 recommendations given, while he said that the Government of Kosovo has approved the plan for the implementation of recommendations.

The Chairman of the Commission, Armend Muja, has requested clarifications regarding the assessment in the NAO report that the implementation of the budget for 2020 has been followed by various shortcomings and that the reduction of funds from the government has affected that significant amounts of liabilities remain unpaid and many projects not realized.

In his response, Minister Murati said that the remark is appropriate since in previous years there has been an underspending and lack of proper planning in terms of capital expenditures,

The MP of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Avdullah Hoti, has addressed criticism about the allocation of the budget for subsidies and grants, saying that it is not in line with the areas planted in the field.

Minister Murati reacted to these statements, saying that there may be a small percentage deviation, but not a doubling of what is planned.

The Committee with unanimous votes has approved the report of the expenditures of the Assembly of Kosovo for the nine months of 2021. The report was presented by the Secretary of the Assembly Ismet Krasniqi, who said that the nine-month expenditures of 2021 compared to the expenditures of 2020 are higher.

The Commission has also approved the report with Amendments of the Functional Committee for Economy, on the Draft Law on Electronic Identification and Trusted Services in Electronic Transactions.

Meanwhile, it has not approved the annual financial report of the Civil Aviation Authority for 2020 nor the annual financial report of KOSTT for 2020