The Kharkiv metro will resume operation after months of service as a shelter

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The mayor of the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, Ihor Terekhov, said the city's metro system would resume operation on Tuesday, after months of serving as a haven for citizens seeking to escape Russian bombing.

"Tomorrow, May 24, we will open the subway," Terekhov said in a televised speech. "All lines will be opened. Metro traffic will be from 7:00 to 19:00. The intervals will not be the same as in peacetime. "The subway depot was damaged during the bombing and shelling, so the intervals will be longer."

At the height of the Russian bombing of Kharkiv - Ukraine's second largest city - many Kharkiv residents took refuge in the city's metro system, writes CNN, reports

Terekhov said many of those left underground had been relocated to dormitories, in areas far from shelling.

"If necessary, people can use the subway as a shelter for bombs, especially subway underpasses," Terekhov said.

The Kharkiv metro has become a haven in the opening hours of Russia's February 24 war in Ukraine./ 21Media