The lottery winner shares the prize with the cashier who sold her the ticket

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This is the exciting moment when an elderly lottery winner shared the prize with the cashier who sold her the winning ticket.

Marion Forrest, 86, went to the place where she had bought the ticket in California, with an envelope of money and handed it to an employee of the store named Walter.

Every week, Marion buys her Fantasy 5 lottery tickets, but she told News Channel 3 this week it was different because Walter advised her to go for a ticket because of the $ 500,000 jackpot.

The pensioner agreed and bought one, telling the cashier if she won, she would share the profits with her, reports.

"I felt very good leaving the store because he was kind and sweet," she said.

But while she did not get the jackpot, she was not left empty-handed because one of her tickets won her $ 300.

And on Wednesday, she kept her word and made a surprise stop at the store where she bought the ticket.

Marion also brought the balloon named after Walter and gave him an envelope with $ 150 inside.

The video was shared on Instagram. It has been viewed nearly 1.5 million times since 17:30 p.m.

Walter told News Channel 3 that he was very grateful for the gift from Marion, which he said has been a loyal customer for years.21Media