"The 'massacre' is taking place in the Donbas region," Zelensky said

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Russia is stepping up its operations in Ukraine's eastern Donbass region and is seeking to close some of its major cities.

In a video speech late Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russian forces had staged a "massacre" in the Donbas, trying to destroy "everything that lives" in the region.

"No one destroyed Donbas as much as the Russian army does now," Zelensky said.

Severodonetsk, the largest Ukrainian-controlled city in Luhansk province, has recently seen some of the toughest fighting in the conflict to date, as Russian forces seek to encircle the city.

In a speech to business and global politics leaders in Davos earlier Monday, Zelensky noted that Russian troops had "20 times more equipment" in the Donbas than in Ukraine.

He stressed that Ukraine needs long-range weapons to prevent losses, writes BBC./21Media