The prosecution is taking action to find the eighth survivor of the accident in Bulgaria

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The Public Prosecutor's Office in Northern Macedonia has announced that the lists of passengers who have crossed the border crossings will be compared, in order to find the 52nd passenger of the burned bus on the "Struma" highway in Bulgaria, writes TV21.

The Prosecutor's Office for Prosecution of Organized Crime and Corruption has issued an oral order to the Sector for Internal Affairs in Skopje to provide a list of passengers who left the Republic of Northern Macedonia by Besa Trans buses on 18.11.2021 , and the list of passengers who entered our country on 22.11.2021 ”, it is stated in the notification of the Prosecution.

The Prosecution emphasizes that the same procedure is being carried out by the Bulgarian Prosecution.

The same procedure is performed by the Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office, which compares the lists of border crossings for entry of passengers from the Republic of Northern Macedonia to the Republic of Bulgaria on 18.11.2021, and the lists of entrances from the Republic of Turkey with the Republic of Bulgaria with dated 22.11.2021, as well as the departure from the Republic of Bulgaria to our country, the next day ", say from the Prosecution.

Otherwise, the Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office announced today that 44 bodies were found in the wreckage of the bus, while according to the passenger list, 52 people traveled on the bus, while there are 7 people in the hospital. The question is where is the eighth survivor !? /21Media