The star also won in the second final of the playoff against Trepça

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Golden Eagle Ylli tonight scored a victory against Trepça in the trip 46:60 (6:22, 12:17, 15:11, 13:10). The star advances 2: 0 in the final series and is close to defending the champion title.

The guests started the match better with a series of 1:11, and later raising the lead to 3:19, while they won the first quarter with the figures 6:22. The second period, as informed by the Basketball Federation of Kosovo, was more equal, where Mitrovica narrowed the figures to 16:27, but the Therandas broke away again, going to the break with a result of 18:39.

The locals tried to narrow the figures in the third period, where they approached the score at 29:42, however the champions managed to manage the game and did not allow further melting of the score, while the figures at the traffic light after 30 minutes were 33:50.

The 'miners' tried the big upset in the last ten minutes, but did not achieve the goal and Ylli won the second final with a result of 46:60.

Otherwise, the next match will take place on Sunday in Suhareka. The team that scores three victories will be declared the champion of Kosovo./21Media