These are the cities and age groups that have been most immunized by Covid-19 in Kosovo

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The Ministry of Health informed that the total number of vaccines administered in Kosovo is 1 million 713 thousand 147, the number of vaccines administered today was 4 thousand 682, while the number of appointments reserved for today was 5 thousand 909.

According to the ministry, 92 thousand 169 people were vaccinated with the first dose, while 795 thousand 476 citizens were vaccinated with both doses, writes

The Ministry announced that the number of administered third doses is 2 thousand 162, while the number of booster doses administered is 30 thousand 290.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health, more men are immunized in Kosovo than women.

With the first dose of vaccine against Covid-19 52% of citizens were immunized, while with the second dose 46%.

According to the settlements, the citizens of Prishtina were the most immunized, followed by those of Prizren and Ferizaj, while the least were immunized by the municipality of Suhareka, writes

The most immunized are the citizens from 20 to 40 years old, while the least immunized are the citizens over 80 years old.

The Ministry of Health, according to data from the National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo, informed today that during the last 24 hours no person who has been affected by Covid-19 has died, while 585 positive cases of COVID-19 have been recorded. ./21Media