Tottenham want to replace Lloris, here is Contes' wish

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The English team Tottenham wants to replace the goalkeeper and captain Hugo Lloris, where the new coach Antonio Conte sees the Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford as an ideal replacement, reports "The Telegraph".

Pickford still has two years left in his current contract with Everton, and the leaders of the latter are speculated to want to benefit from more than 28 million euros, which they had paid to secure the card of the 27-year-old goalkeeper.

It is also reported that the Frenchman Lloris may renew his contract with the Tottenham team, but may remain as part of the reserves of the Contes team.

Since transferring from Sunderland to Everton, Pickford has made 172 appearances in all competitions, keeping the goal intact in 50 of them, and conceding a total of 236 goals.