Two officials of Mamusha municipality are acquitted of corruption charges

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The Basic Court in Prizren today announced a verdict of acquittal for Cafer Morina, former director of Education in Mamusha, and Rifat Krasniç, director of the "Ataturk" school, both accused of corruption.

Morina and Krasniç have been accused by the prosecution of abusing their official position by hiring some teachers in Mamusha's schools without competition.

According to the brief reasoning of the presiding judge, Xheladin Osmani, after analyzing the evidence presented by the parties in this trial, the court found that the Municipality of Mamusha had a memorandum about the contracts concluded with the Ministry of Education and that this was also confirmed. witnesses during the previous hearings, as well as the Mayor of Mamusha himself.

The parties have been notified that they have the right to appeal against this judgment within 15 days from the day of receipt of the written judgment.