Two officials of Mamusha municipality are acquitted of corruption charges, lawyer Gjini calls scandalous decision

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Lawyer Gent Gjini reacted tonight after the acquittal of two officials of the municipality of Mamusha.

Gjini called the court decision scandalous.

He, as the lawyer of the injured party, Ramadan Sanli, has emphasized that the two directors of the municipality of Mamusha have done injustice in the job vacancy.

"The court decision is unfair and scandalous because this court has acquitted two directors of the municipality of Mamusha accused of corruption and the criminal offense of abuse of office, where I as a lawyer of the injured party represent Ramadan Sanli, where this the two defendants Rifat Krasnic and Cafer Morina have done injustice in a job vacancy, where they took the son of the accused director, Cafet Morina and even more so these defendants did not conduct the vacancy procedures and did not announce a public vacancy and recruited an employee through an organization, NGO Human Care. Therefore, with today's decision of the court to acquit these 2 directors, we consider that such a decision is scandalous ", stated lawyer Gjini, writes

The Basic Court in Prizren today announced a verdict of acquittal for Cafer Morina, former director of Education in Mamusha and Rifat Krasniç, director of the "Ataturk" school, both accused of corruption. Morina and Krasniç have been accused by the prosecution of abusing their official position, hiring some teachers in Mamusha schools without competition.21Media