The situation of the strikers in prison is deteriorating

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Two days ago, TV21 reported that the health condition of the convicts for the case "Lagja e Trimave" has deteriorated, who have been on hunger strike for 15 days. While today one of the five strikers, Musadik Pajaziti, was sent to hospital for treatment because his health condition has worsened even more. He is back in prison again. Lawyer Naser Raufi says that the prisoners in this case are being treated inhumanely, adding that they do not intend to give up the strike.

"This is first of all a job for the Director of Enforcement of Sanctions, for the Minister of Justice, there is no interest, it is really incomprehensible, they are not interested as if they were not practically people. "Not only the condition of Musadik, but also of the four others who are on strike is very serious, very bad and I think that even the medicines they need, the ambulance or the hospitalization that they definitely need, has not been realized." - declared Naser Raufi - lawyer

The lawyer considers that what is being done to them is revenge.

"I think the discrimination is due to the crime, as if these are the ones who committed a terrorist act, who killed police officers. You know that there was an armed conflict between the police units and the armed group, it is not a matter of terror. I think that the reason, in my opinion, is an incriminated act, in my opinion, it is a bad revenge, because he was killed by the RMV police units "- said Naser Raufi - lawyer.

The Deputy Director of Shutka Prison, Sadush Arifi, reiterated the statement that as an investigative prison they could not come to the aid of the Kumanovo group to realize their rights. Otherwise, the lawyer Raufi says that on the 23rd they will file criminal charges against the responsible persons who have hindered the realization of the relief, such as free weekends and family visits. The involvement of the international factor is the only salvation, the lawyer estimates./TV21