Will the second semester be postponed?

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Due to the rapid spread of the omicron variant some health experts estimate that the second school semester should be postponed. However, the members of the Commission for Infectious Diseases do not think so either. This commission did not recommend extending the winter break or online tuition, so students would have to return to the banks on Thursday.

The new government in its first session discussed whether the second half should start on time, but did not make a decision.

"The government did not bring a decision on the proposal of the Commission for Infectious Diseases. A meeting of the Central Operational Staff was scheduled for the evening. "They will give the final recommendation whether or not students should stay home or return to school benches," said the Government.

Doctor Agron Palloshi is of the opinion that the school year should be postponed for another two weeks, as he estimates that the peak of this wave of the virus has not yet been reached.

"The peak of daily infections is expected to reach the end of January or the beginning of February, so this coincides with the beginning of the school year, primary and secondary schools. In my opinion, following the epidemiological statistics, increasing the number of infected, if possible, the postponement of the school year for another two weeks should be considered, so that the health system is slightly relieved, not to be burdened with large numbers, in time in short ", said Agron Palloshi.

The opposition VMRO-DPMNE has also requested a postponement of the beginning of the second half of the year for two weeks.

"The government on the first day of work is expected to think, among other things, about education. The number of patients with coronavirus is not decreasing, while among the infected there are many children, ie students ", it was announced in the reaction of this party.

Otherwise, from the beginning of January 2022 until yesterday, in 16 days, the number of active cases with COVID-19 has increased by 11 thousand. If on December 31, 2021 the number of active cases was 5006, yesterday it was 16.132./Tv21