Xhevahir Hasanaj tells about the training in the military academy in Britain

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Cadet Xhevahir Hasanaj spoke about training, challenges and achievements at the military academy in Britain

Today in the afternoon show of RTV21, '' Bon Bon '' invited in an exclusive interview was the best foreign cadet in the military academy in Britain, Xhevahir Hasanaj, with whom his experience in this academy was discussed and the award it has received.

Cadet Hasanaj showed that schooling in the British academy itself was a great motive given the fact that the Kosovo Security Force was being introduced in such an academy.

Asked if he thought about the challenges he will face there, cadet Hasanaj said he did not have much knowledge about him, saying that life within the academy itself has made training challenging.

'' The success I have achieved has been thanks to the achievements I have received at the Center for University Studies. I thank the KSF, the instructors for the knowledge they have given me. "It was a special feeling when I found out that I will be decorated with that award", said Hasanaj, conveys rtv21.tv

Regarding life Within the British Military Academy, the cadet, Xhevahir Hasanaj said that it has been a challenging life, taking into account the early awakening, activities, lectures and various trainings. He said that the day there started at 06 o'clock in the morning and ended at 22: 00-23: 00, and sometimes, as he said, they did not sleep all night.

Asked about the comparison of education in the British academy and that in Kosovo, Hasanaj said that the KSF is the best in the region.

"I am passionate about the education I did in Kosovo, I spoke in the training offered here, we are the best in the region, but if we have the resources that Britain has then we would be very close to them," said Hasanaj adding that an instructor in Britain had told him that based on students like him he has seen an insight into how professional the KSF is.

He, among other things, said that despite the fact that Kosovo becomes an army, education should continue at the University Center, but also relations should be maintained with the United States and Great Britain, so that as Kosovo said to send students there, but also Britain to brought to Kosovo to see what education is done in Kosovo.

When asked why he chose to be a soldier ?, the best foreign cadet in the military academy in Britain, Xhevahir Hasanaj said that this is the best way to serve the country.

'' It is very challenging, when we were admitted to our academy, we entered a rigorous system, it was difficult to adapt especially when you do not have military experience, but the great desire is a great way if you want to serve the country .. I have I wanted it as a profession that what I want to do in the future ", said Hasanaj, inviting others to join the KSF as it is a respected institution./21Media