Young English couple living on the boat

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A young English couple found an efficient lifestyle, away from the noise of the city, but also that it costs them much cheaper because they do not pay rent.

The English couple, Jack Caswell and Gemma Caswell, abandoned the rented apartment and started living in this boat.

This couple decided to live in the boat for very important reasons. They want to raise money to build a house, so they moved out of the rented apartment, bought this boat, and now lead modest, yet very interesting lives.

With the rent money that had to be paid 1000 XNUMX, they realized that they could not achieve their goals, buying a house, but now they have a chance to achieve this.

Jack is 29 years old, a high school teacher, and Gemma is also 29 years old, working in health.

They now live near Manchester, in a two-bed boat, together with their pet, the Teacake turtle, and are very happy with their new way of life.21Media